Official Bot of the ARCADIA API

Prefix arc!
Library Eris
Status ???

Official bot of the API

Created by Ota & Sworder

You'll find all the image types of the API on this demo bot

• client

avatar, bot, help

• filter

bluely, blur, blurblack, blureen, blurey, blurple, convinvert, convmatrix, convolute, cyanly, displace, distortion, ghost, glitch, grayscale, implode, invert, magik, orangblur, orangly, pixelate, posterize, purply, sepia, time, yelloblur

• generation

angry, animeprotest, beautiful, blood, bloodhelp, bob, codebabes, discordlogo, gay, hitler, hypesquad, illuminati, jackolantern, link, rainbow, respect, shocked, snow, thisfilm, tobecontinued, triggered, triggeredinvert, wanted, wasted, whoisthis

• text

presidentialalert, thisexample