A cute little bot for your server, that includes moderation, fun, social, & NSFW commands!

Prefix k!
Library discord.py
Status Online

Moderation Commands:

  • Kick - Kicks a specified user from the server.
  • Ban - Bans a user from the current server.
  • Hackban - Bans a user who IS, OR ISN’T in the current server.
  • Softban - Bans & auto unbans a user. Clearing 7 days worth of messages. [Acts like a kick with message clearing]
  • Mute - Mutes a user, keeping them from being able to speak in text channels.
  • Unmute - Unmutes a user, allowing them to speak in text channels again.
  • Nickname - Changes a users nickname, in the server.
  • Purge - Clears a specified number of messages from the channel [1,000 deletion limit per command].
  • Giverole - Gives a role to a targeted member.
  • Takerole - Takes a role from a targeted member.
  • Createrole - Creates a role with the given name.
  • Deleterole - Deletes a role with the given name.
  • Createchannel - Creates a channel with the given name.
  • Deletechannel - Deletes the current channel the command is executed in.
  • Hoist - Hoists a given role in the server.
  • Ignore - Toggles the bots ignore function for the current channel.
  • Lock - Toggles the server lock. Autokicks any new users on join, useful for anti-raiding. Use a second time to toggle it back off.
  • Nsfwperms - Toggles the ability to use NSFW commands in the server.
  • Welcome - Turns on/sets the welcome message for the current server.
  • Goodbye - Turns on/sets the leave message for the current server.
  • Autorole - Assigns a role to be automatically given to each new member who joins the server. Use with no role name to turn back off.
  • Slowmode - Activates slowmode in a channel. Possible delays are 5, 10, 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, and 120 seconds.

Utility Commands:

  • Help - Displays the help message/command list.
  • Userinfo - Shows user info for yourself or the target user.
  • Roleinfo - Shows role info for the target role.
  • Botinfo - Shows my global bot statistics.
  • ServerInfo - Shows info for the current server.
  • Suggest - Sends a suggestion to my developers.
  • Avatar - Fetches a large version of your avatar or the targets avatar.
  • Servericon - Fetches a large version of the servers icon.
  • Ping - Shows the bots latency to the Discord servers.
  • Membercount - Shows how many users are in the current server.
  • Uptime - Shows how long the bot has been online since its last login.
  • Choose - Chooses something for you, from 2 different options. Put multi-word choices in quotes, single words without.

Social Commands:

  • Pat - Pats the targeted user.
  • Hug - Hugs the targeted user.
  • Kiss - Kisses the targeted user.
  • Cuddle - Cuddles the targeted user.
  • Poke - Pokes the targeted user.
  • Slap - Slaps the targeted user.
  • Tickle - Tickles the targeted user.
  • Bite - Bites the targeted user.
  • Lick - Licks the targeted user.
  • Feed - Feeds the targeted user.

Fun Commands:

  • Coinflip - Flips a coin in the chat.
  • Shrug - Posts a ¯_(ツ)_/¯ face in chat.
  • Say - Makes the bot repeat what you say.
  • Lovecal - Calculates love between you & someone else.
  • Urban - Returns results for a word from Urban Dictionary.
  • Lmgtfy - Google something for an idiot.
  • Eightball - Asks the magic 8ball a question.
  • Selfban - Bans yourself from the current server… Or does it?..
  • Osu - Returns Osu! statistics for a user.
  • Neko - Fetches a random photo of a cute cat girl.
  • Nekobomb - Fetches 5 random photos of a cute cat girl. (Warning: Can get a bit spammy)
  • Kitsune - Fetches a random photo of a cute anime fox girl.
  • Kitsunebomb - Fetches 5 random photos of a cute anime fox girl. (Warning: Can get a bit spammy)
  • Lizard - Fetches a cute lizard photo for you.
  • Cat - Fetches a random photo of a (real) cat.
  • Randomavatar - Fetches a random weeb avatar for you.
  • Clapify - Insert clap emotes between the spaces in the given text.
  • F - Pays respects to something or a user, & shows how many times respects have been paid.
  • Pickle - Finds the length of someones pickle!
  • Roll - Rolls a number between 2 given numbers.
  • Ratewaifu - Rates your waifu!

NSFW Commands:

  • Lewdneko - Lewd cat girls. What more could you ask for?
  • Lewdnekogif - Lewd cat girls, but in gif format this time.
  • Lewdkemo - Lewd animal girls in general. Nekos, kitsunes, etc.
  • Hentai - Random hentai photos & gifs.
  • Vanilla - Vanilla hentai at its finest. Guy x girl.
  • Oral - Girls getting eaten. Enjoy.
  • Blowjob - Guys getting blown left & right.
  • Lesbian - Girl on girl. Enjoy.
  • Cum - Male/female related cum gifs.
  • Boobs - Boobs, boobs everywhere.
  • Anal - Pretty sure you can figure this one out for yourself.
  • Pussy - Lewd cats that don’t meow, if you catch my drift.
  • Trap - Posts a lewd trap to the channel. Traps aren’t gay… Are they?
  • Feet - Posts photos for all those foot fetish lovers out there…
  • Femdom - Posts photos for all those submissive males out there.

Misc Commands:

  • About - Posts a few facts about me, in chat.
  • Support - Posts an invite link to my support server.
  • Invite - Posts a link in chat, so you can invite me to one of your servers.
  • Patreon - Posts a link to my Patreon page, in chat.

Bot Owner Commands:

  • Send - Send a message through me, to a user.
  • Game - Changes the bots playing status.
  • Serverblacklist - Adds a server to the global black list. Will auto leave black listed servers on join.
  • Blacklist - Adds a user to the global black list, disallowing them the ability to use the bot.
  • Serverwhitelist - Removes a server from the server black list, allowing them to be able to add the bot.
  • Whitelist - Takes a user off the global black list, allowing them to use the bot again.
  • Shutdown - Safely shuts down the bot.
  • Reload - Reloads a bot cog.