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A bot that will conform to your desires! — Remember that Discord bot you always wanted for for your birthday? No more wishing!

Prefix s!
Library discord.js
Status Online
Server Count 244
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Meet Serifix, everyone’s favorite bot with numerous capabilities! Remember that bot you wanted? It’s everyone’s favorite, Serifix. It conforms to your desires and wishes!

Want to visit Serifix’s official website? You can do so by clicking here. Need the documentation, too? We sure have to covered, just click here.

Serifix Outstanding Features

——— Delivery & Agent ———

  • You are an agent sent from Serifix Investigation Crew. You are traveling all over the world to find the hidden, off-the-radar SerifixHQ. On your first destination, you get access to order clothes/gear/food and have it delivered directly to your server by our employees who are real people!

——— Economy & Profiles ———

  • An economy system that is integrated on your Serifix profile! You can marry or be besties with someone and it will be on your profile. You may even set your own biography or badge emoji and it will always be on your profile. Oh yeah, you can even show off to your friends your economy balance and agent levels.

——— CleverBot ———

  • You can speak to Serifix, share your ideas or thoughts and he will listen! All you need to do is run s!serifix < YOUR THOUGHT > or just DM Serifix like you would a normal person, and he will answer as soon as he can! Serifix has a sassy, bad-boy personality so plz be aware. :D

——— Moderation ———

  • Do not fear, Serifix is here! He always has a ban hammer ready, and he can give a swift kick in the behind. We have an in-the-works automoderation system so you can now block out those pesky users! Oh yeah, you can even set permissions to users without giving them role permissions! Sweet, huh?

——— Amusement ———

  • Feeling bored? Nothing to do? Serifix is here for you. With a whole bunch of time-killing commands and games you can play with other users. Or if you have no friends, you can just play with Serifix’s commands! But seriously… get some friends, smh.