Apex is an easy to use bot with commands ranging from Moderation to Music!

Prefix -
Library discord.js
Status ???
Server Count 1,272


Apex is an all purpose Discord Bot that satisfies all your server needs.

From commands ranging from moderation to music, it does a lot in one bot.

With fun commands such as Pokemon, akinator, fights and image commands, it’s a very fun bot to use too.

Discord Bots

The default prefix of Apex is -. Can be modified using the prefix command.



  • Kick, ban, mute, warn logs.
  • Sticky roles
  • Antiinvite systen
  • Logs for message deletes and edits.


  • Custom commands/Tags
  • Triggers with customizable responses.
  • Reminders, colors.
  • DuckDuckGo search.
  • Currency comparison, including Crypto.


  • Random dogs and cats.
  • Jokes, puns, Chuck Norris gags.
  • A wide array of image commands - wanna make a drake picture of you and a buddy? Apex has you covered.
  • Games - TicTacToe and Connect4, reaction based and fun!