Scheduling system (events), verification process, menu style interaction, moderation, tags, twitch, leveling (xp system), stories, mod mails

Prefix g!
Library discord.js
Status Online
MemesModerationFunLoggingRole Management

The best bot to organize your gaming community, gaming company, clan, guild discord server.

Tons of features help you to stay in control of your server:

  • Moderation (All kinds of moderation commands, moderation mails)
  • Auto-moderation (profanity filter, URL filter, capital spam filter)
  • XP / Leveling System with beautifully designed cards (leaderboards and profile)
  • Role management (Unique Role Sets, Reaction Roles, self-assignable roles, mod-assignable roles)
  • Fun commands (baka, hug, cuddle, etc.)
  • Tags, Stories (multipe page tags), single messages, announcements (all done with cool embeds)
  • Event management system incl. notification and advertisement feature
  • Brand new SURVEY feature (get insights from your server members)
  • Feedback reaction system (let all members vote on ideas / bugs, and mark ideas as done / rejected)
  • much much more (afk, imgur, serverinfo, userinfo)

G4M3R commands #1

G4M3R commands #2