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Enhance your Discord experience with our list of bots, find the perfect one below:

Certified Bots

Our section of bots which are unique and follow requirements, probably one of the best and useful ones.


2,676 servers

SpaceBot: The Bot that tells you about space


1 vote 130 servers

A fun growing bot that has many features such as moderation, levelling and much much more!


1,795,517 servers

Ever wanted a bot specially made for music? A fully functional, stable music bot? Rythm does it all


2 votes 11,179 servers

YouTube brings the best of youtube.com to your Discord server, with video/playlist/channel information, trending and random videos, and more

Recently Added Bots

Bots which have been recently added to the list.


Athena is a discord bot that has various features ranging from giving people the L all the way to the NSFW Section


1 vote 5 servers

An amazing moderation bot with tons of great features like automod, infraction loggin and more.


Scheduling system (events), verification process, menu style interaction, moderation, tags, twitch, leveling (xp system), stories, mod mails


Everyone needs a hug in their life.

High-voted Bots

Bots which have been gaining high votes recently, probably one of the most useful according to your needs.

Discord Fast Food

42 votes 6,009 servers

A role play for fast food. Order fast food through Discord and get your order within minutes!


21 votes 1,620 servers

A multifunctional Discord Bot providing moderation, fun, utilities commands and others..


7 votes

One of the Best Free Discord Music Bot.

CatGirl Paradise

6 votes

Info/images from over 100 Animes(1000Pics+), CatGirl Pics, FoxGirl Pics, 40+ Anime Gifs,Memes/Jokes, Games:DBD,Fortnite,R6,Apex,CSGO/Economy