Discord Bots Group

Enhance your Discord experience with our list of bots, find the perfect one below:

Certified Bots

Our section of bots which are unique and follow these requirements, probably one of the best and useful ones.


Owner: IPv4#0001

The JetBrains Community Discord Server - JetBot, the Python bot behind it


Owner: advaith#9121

A simple Discord Music bot trusted by over 2k servers


Owner: Auxim#0001

Play piano sounds directly in Discord

Shibe Bot

Owner: ELECTR0ZED#4560

It posts pictures of dogs, specifically the breed shiba inu, more commonly known as doges.

Recently Added Bots

Bots which have been recently added to the list.


Owner: H29_#4352

Hello, i'm Ushio, i have many features like music, economy, and much more!


Owner: IU#8642

Radio 📻 (K-Pop, J-Pop, Classic & a lot more!)|Soundboard ğŸŽµ (Fortnite & Dota 2)|Random Korean Picture 📷 (Boy/Girl Group & Actor/Actress)


Owner: Quintenvw#1337

Multi-purpose Discord bot made by and for server owners. ◇ moderation ◇ leveling ◇ ...


Owner: RedstoneMiner27#3817

Crysto is a multi-functional bot, Use it instead of adding different bots for Moderation, Ticket, Fun, Utility, Welcoming, Economy and more!

High-voted Bots

Bots which have been gaining high votes recently, probably one of the most useful according to your needs.

Discord Fast Food

Owner: DetectiveHuman#1234

A role play for fast food. Order fast food through Discord and get your order within minutes!


Owner: advaith#9121

A cool multipurpose bot with commands for fun, animals, searching, utility, text, info, moderation, urls, and emoji.


Owner: advaith#9121

A simple Discord Music bot trusted by over 2k servers


Owner: Salem ⛧#1853

A cute little bot for your server, that includes moderation, fun, social, & NSFW commands!